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Hair loss

We cater for all types of hair loss; our solutions can be used regardless of the cause of your hair loss – Alopecia, Female Pattern Hair Loss, Trichotillomania, Telogen Effluvium, Chemotherapy, Radio Therapy, Injury, Surgery, Chemical Damage, Generalised Damage.
In today's world the pressure is on to look good, so if the thought of losing your hair fills you with dread you are not alone.
Hair loss is a devastating condition that a staggering one in three women faces. Illness, stress, dieting, hair styling abuse and pregnancy can each play a part in creating havoc with your crowning glory. Destroying your confidence and leaving you with even more to worry about.
A woman's hair has the potential to be her ultimate beauty accessory, so whatever the cause for lustrous locks turning fine, limp and lifeless or more drastically for some even falling out we understand that this is soul destroying. All areas of hair loss can be dealt with from small patchy areas to total hair loss; there will be a system to help you. All of our systems are custom made taking great care to match colour, texture, density and style.
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In a nutshell we can offer a disguise for your specific problem from simple coloured fibres to complete graphs whether you have micro hair extensions or a bespoke prosthesis. We will tell you truth – no false promises or magic potions just a solution to disguise your problem. Hair safety is paramount to us in everything we do, nothing will be done that could cause you more hair loss or damage.
Although it is often a difficult problem to discuss we can use our expertise to help and advise you in a confidential and private environment.
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