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The best hair extension systems

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Pre-bonded Extensions

Rapunzel uses the world's silkiest European hair with its original cuticle; colour matched pre-bonded extensions, with micro-polymer cross linking treatment. In a full range of glorious colours with minimal processing...... and as an extra bonus, the lightest blondes are bleached from a natural blonde shade preventing over processed bleaching from a natural dark colour. This system of applying hair extensions is much longer lasting than any other on the market, due to the bond and quality of the hair.

Rapunzel's Connections

Our new invention ideal for thin or thinning hair. These human hair extensions have a near invisible bond that slips over existing hair strands without damaging them & can triple hair volume! These extensions can be re-used.

Micro Hair Links

Micro Hair Links involve taking individual locks of your hair and attaching an extension with a small cylinder called a micro link. No glues, no waxes, no heat is used the bond is simply clamped closed. These extensions can be re-used. Not suitable for every hair type.

Classic Fusion (Hot Melt)

Hair is cut from a weft or a small amount taken from a bundle of bulk hair and used as individual extensions by simply bonding the hair to the client with a non-damaging resin bond. The Classic Fusion system always requires maintenance, therefore not so widely used anymore.

Clip-in & Micro Wefts

These give you instant length and volume. At Rapunzel these can be tailor made to fit each individual client, clipped-in in strips across your head. Each strip has little comb like clips that grip tightly. Made individually for you in the correct colour/shade and widths. Great for extra oomph and although not super sturdy they're not as fake as you may think. Also available in micro-fine wefts applied with a medical adhesive or micro beaded in, ideal for fine hair or small areas of thinning hair.
Give yourself that extra oomph and look great.
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