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Hair extension aftercare will keep you looking great

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How to look after your extensions

To take the best care of your human hair extensions it is advisable to use Rapunzel's own specially formulated products; which include Shampoo, Conditioner, Leave-in conditioner, Thermal Protector and a Re-moisturising Treatment. These have been designed to keep your own hair and your hair extensions in perfect condition.
Use leave-in conditioner to keep the moisture levels up. It is advisable to spray your extensions once a day with leave-in conditioner, as there are no natural oils running down the hair shaft to keep the hair conditioned.
  • Always brush before washing and NEVER comb when wet.
  • Tie hair back in loose plait or ponytail when you sleep.
  • Regularly separate your bonds, as the hairs that would normally shed on a daily basis are trapped in the extension bond. If the bonds are not separated, matting can occur.... this is where several bonds lock together. If you ignore this you will end up with dreadlocks.
  • Avoid getting a build-up of products (i.e. conditioner, serum, etc.) as this will make your extensions slip.
  • So always wash your hair gently but well and rinse until the water runs completely clear. It is vital to keep your scalp clean.
  • If in doubt, please refer to your Rapunzel care leaflet.
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